Christin Veasley, is Co-founder and Director of the Chronic Pain Research Alliance. Chris has lived with life-altering chronic pain since surviving a near-fatal accident in her teens. Her childhood health experiences led her to pursue a science degree, time conducting neuroscience research at Johns Hopkins Medical School and to the research advocacy community. As one of millions of Americans living with debilitating chronic pain, she knows first-hand how critical it is for organizations to partner - not only to expedite scientific discoveries, but to translate those discoveries into meaningful clinical change for the affected. As such, Chris has spent her life advocating for the improvement and acceleration of rigorous multidisciplinary pain research. Chris also serves as a member of several other collaborative alliances, federal committees/initiatives, and public-private partnerships working to promote pain research, education, treatment and prevention.


Terrie Cowley, is President and Co-founder of The TMJ Association and the Chronic Pain Research Alliance. A longtime TMJ implant sufferer whose personal and intimate knowledge of the plight of the patient motivates a commitment to resolve any disconnect between scientific research findings and current treatment practices. Terrie has been tireless in alerting policy-makers, the media, the NIH community, and Congress to the needs of patients, promoting research aimed at developing evidenced-based diagnostics and treatments. Terrie received a B.A. from Millsap College, Jackson, MS in the field political science. She also attended Harvard University in which she studied government affairs.


Deanne Clare, is the Association Administrator of The TMJ Association and Chronic Pain Research Alliance. For over 15 years, Deanne has been vital in helping the organization work toward its mission and goals. She maintains the daily operations of the office, websites/social media pages, oversees production and dissemination of publications, and has coordinated the Association’s past seven international scientific meetings in Bethesda, MD. Deanne is compassionate toward the needs of the patients and is committed to advocating for safe and effective treatments and public awareness of chronic overlapping pain conditions. Deanne graduated from Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI with a BS in business administration.

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